The Beginning

Hello and welcome  all to the blog page of a health and Safety pro who has been working for a little over than 12 years across many industries. I`ve been travelling to most dangerous locations as a part of my job. Some may see this as a bad luck but it is also a great opportunity to see how people are surviving through the most hazardous operations without the benefit of having proper equipment, technology, competency, and motivation. I have never tried writing before, so I am hoping that you will not pay attention to any mistakes that I do and focus on the content.

My aim is to share with anyone who follows this blog, my observations as I continue to carry on with my job and share with you the my experiences about hazardous, absurd, dramatic cases and sometimes brilliant solutions that people put in place as a counter-impact to those cases.

So I will keep you posted frequently, hiding names, informations about companies or people to not to violate privacy and add my point of view to keep it as interesting as possible.

My deepest regards to all who reads the stuff, give their feedbacks and help me to improve, help me to expand my vision and help me to understand. I am not an offensive person, so do critisize :).

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