Why do we have Access controls?

Those who are in the business very well know that, you need to restrict access in certain cituations. Those situations could be related with a hazard to human health, safety or product or process quality. Most of the times, the restriction is done with the help of electronic locked doors, thanks to the advancement of the technology.

I was in Middle East, 3 months ago and was doing a periodic visit where I came across such a restricted access point. This time, it was not about safety but quality. Normally I do not interfere with any other issue rather than my own business but that time, something pulled me right into the subject.

The first weird thing that had taken my attention was, there were two doors adjascent to each other. One was password protected and the other was not. The password protected one was closed and the other was slightly open, so actually there was no restriction at that moment. So I decided to dig a little harder and asked the guys if they knew the password. As you would have guessed, they had the knowledge, eventhough they were not from the quality team that should have the code.

The next question came from me was about entering the code and they exactly did that. At that point, you would expect that at least, the password was at least something hard, something you would not have guessed but also that dissapointed me. The password that was entered was 2580!1What a brilliant way to set a password! So, the second most widely used pin-access code after 1234 was picked to a sensitive production area where unauthorized Access could effect all your efforts.

Anyone who reads the entry would ask, why you are telling the story? Well, the point is you are all seeing access controls from time to time but the thing is if you do not look close enough, if you do not challenge it, than you would pass by assuming that a control exists where it actually does not.


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