Can trivia Apps be the solution to H&S trainings?

Well, I am not sure if anyone is doing some research on this subject but in our days, gamification becomes a lethal issue and it seems as if no one has any time for an old fashioned face to face safety training. The business is making people more and more busy each day. The ever evolving technology automises everything and reducing the need for the muscle power for the no added value tasks. The number of the shop floor people are reducing yet the need for capable and competent operators who can multi-task is on the rise. This makes our job harder to have those men from their duties and give them training.

The preffered method is to attain them with online trainings where the participant may pause the training for a couple of times and continue. The visual effects, sound options, video using ability, and being able to attain the training to countless employees individually attracks everyone`s attention.

But nowadays, it is also not very easy to contain with the e-trainings since people now want to have the feeling of competition. They prefer the trainings to be as much as possible to be to the point, short, easy to understand, involves an evaluation and competition, and have game playing feelings.

It is common now for the companies to have trainings on the life similation platform type of games for critical operations they have. Even the orientation trainings are being given over those platforms. It is cheaper, requires no tutor, does not necessarily be made to a group of people, everyone can experience it on their own, and it can be done anytime. Yet , not every organisation is able to prepare such trainings on their own. It requires a professional coding, graphics design, 3D modelling and having them from an external source could be expensive.

Another method that is popular today is to either built or purchase a mobile app that is much cheaper than the above mentioned option. At least 3 or 4 companies are now building trivia apps where you may ask questions to your employees, have them to answer and let them win points. The motivation is ensured by reward and recognation procedures and people are encouraged to play.

The method is simple yet effective if you ask me, since it gives you 4 or 5 important information regarding H&S. The data in the form of statistics is gathered and the company is recieving data for the most easily answered questions, where people usually fail, average speed of doing 10, 20, or 30 questions… etc.

You may include small tool box talk kind trainings in the form of videos in exchange for some points. People may challange each other, or even their managers if the company culture finds it suitable. The visuals, graphics, sound effects takes it to a new level and people will be stepping out of the boring classroom mood and into a game playing experience that further motivates employees.

So briefly, there are very new ways to reach out to people to train them and raise awareness. Let`s use those methods to improve the H&S culture.

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