Object Detection in Augmented Reality and its uses in Safety

People who are into technology very well knows the advantages of using augmented reality tools in their mobile devices. Tools that are giving you a good estimation of dimensions of an object, helping people to put 3D designed objects into environments, games that is designed to give the player a more in depth combination of game environment and surrounding environment, navigation tools to direct you to your destination not on a map but through the real time vision of your phone`s camera, and tools that can identify the objects around you, name them and translate them to any language are available in the app markets. Many more applications are appearing every day to expand the usage of this detection technology.

One possible way to use the augmented reality is about health and safety. The H&S inspections are also evolving by the enhancement of the technology. No longer auditors are using pen and paper but smart phones, tablets, cameras, very small sized portable detectors are used in the audits nowadays to improve the quality of the audits and to ease the workload of the auditors.

Just think about an application which is compatible with using both with a phone, tablet and smart glasses. The app will be using the augmented reality detection and classification tools to detect any objects that is in sight of the camera. After the detection and classification, the app will search a database and the web for the legislations, any national or international standards, and best in class industry practices. The list of the potential non-conformities can then be listed, letting the user to choose among them. Even interactions between close by hazards can be evaluated together and the impacts can be listed.

Since the AR applications are focused on the mobile phones and tablets, the current applications are focused on those devices but why not expanding the scope to using CCTV cameras, drones or similar devices that can be used as the eye and a computer to be used as the brains of the technology? The behaviors of the people are also very important, and the observation system currently used in the facilities could become a proactive watch for changing unsafe behaviors of the employees.

The conclusion is that the technology of AR is there for us to explore and safety is one of the best areas where saving lives depend on early detection and taking action!

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