Total Framework of Success!

How do you define yourself as successful? What it means to be a successful man? Would it make you successful if your achievements and accomplishments are to be admired and recognized by everyone? Well, I think the definition is not objective but a little subjective. The recognitions, awards, and praises do emphasize the feeling of being successful though! In order to receive them, we push our limits, fall and fail, plan and scheme, cheat sometimes, make concessions, push others, fight, get beaten, and risk everything. All at the end, are for a moment of satisfaction, recognition, experience gaining and getting ready for the next level.

If you are not bored till now and still find the urge to read more, I have to say that this one comes after a question from thousands of miles away. What it the framework that carried your organization to success?

It is all sketched out above and when you first look at it, I hear you saying is he crazy? (I am afraid a little like everyone else). I had a good time to think about it and I have written our magic formula as an acronym. The way to the success for us started with standardization of the tools and systems, utilizing them, let people to contribute individually, let them to become teams through collaboration till there exists only one huge team that takes care of each member, trustful leaders to empower champions who has become the pioneers of culture change, sustain the system, and off course, share your experience and learnings so that everyone can benefit.

Standardization starts with collecting all the content you have, that is piled over the years. Carefully reading them, deciding the best one that fits the most for the benefit of all and eliminate all others. Sometimes you need to keep 2 or 3, but the best is to have one and only infrastructure and strengthen it. To your surprise, you would see a lot more contribution than you`d have planned. This step is also where you see how well you do and where your areas of improvement are since you would be benchmarking your performance with standards and seek compliance with regulations.

Utilization is the second part and the one with the celebrations, good wills of the people around you, where you receive promises of support. I do feel that this part is like the council of Elrond, in the J.R.R. Tolkien`s the Lord of the Rings. You would almost hear people say “I will help you bear this burden, as long as it is yours to bear” and you would feel a friendly tap on the shoulder as would Gandalf said to Frodo. Remember that what people than can do is all about your results, if you want to have the armies behind you, you need to complete a very challenging road and prove your system and yourself.

Contribution is the fuel and Collaboration is the catalyzer in your way forward so use them as much as possible. Systems with no contribution are destined to stay as academic, and cultures with no collaboration are like doomed to fail since individualism in an organization would never promote safety. You need to create a common enemy, a challenge that could only be beaten by everyone`s support. Change the way you report things and determine levels for the successful scores. In order to reach to the scores, make sure people should be working together. These two things should never be taken lightly.

Empowerment could be given by the top management directly or by leaders, experts, consultants through influencing. Empowered people will make the difference by acting as champions to your cause. They will be your eyes, ears, mouth and messages. The more agents you have, the more impenetrable your system will be.

For sustainability, I think it is all very easy. Start recording from day one, record every change along the way, make sure people are always with you, by your side and you all share the same vision and passion.

Sharing is the key for me. Things kept to self are things destined to perish. Why should we not have the beautiful feeling of helping each other? At least, I do like the idea of sharing and helping. It is the only way for humanity to improve.

The final and the most important things are about all the stickers around the model. Well, those are the symbols of the distances you travel, the fights you need to give, the miles you keep between you and your loved ones (The unicorn is my 2,5 years old daughter from whom, I kept myself at least some 9 months of time or so away, just for to make sure that what we started to build shall not perish but prevail). Write down all the things, keep logs, have healthy discussions between you and yourself 😊, feel the cold (-40°C), the heat (55°C) and the humidity (90%), watch movies, listen to your music, be positive and lie some pink lies when it is necessary, fill your passport with too many visas. This is the most important part of the feeling of success, it requires sacrifices, concessions, tears, desperation that you can never find in any other model 😊 So enjoy!

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