Talk the talk, walk the walk! (or not?)

Most probably the most simple looking, but definitely the hardest to accomplish for  anyone is to talk and walk the same. Whenever it comes to the culture things, you`ve also noticed that the complaints always come to  a point where everyone involved complains about how the managers / leaders are not applying what they actually are saying. So, where do we lose the link?

This happens, when one does not truly believe what he/she says but say it because he/she feels it is the right way to sound. Whatever the reason to do it, that does not change the fact that this is the number one reason to undermine everything that is hard earned when it comes to the culture. When a subject is selected as a priority, that means the subject is required focus, effort, time, resources, patience, willingness to change and progress. But if most or even one is missing, the success is never achieved. Most seen examples are people talking like they put Safety in their number one list but again, the same people are actually the ones who never support anything that is related to it. A hot shot leader, so fierce about the well-being of his/her team, never ever to be found when a critical decision is to be taken or when there is a need for resources. A leader talks, speaks, demands yet never to be found, always busy on saving the day and can spend the time entirely focusing on petty things yet sure to let you down on accountability and credibility. Another one is only appears when to ask questions and lead the blame arrows on the scape goats and the usual suspects.  We should also not to forget the leaders coated with the most advanced technological non-adhesive slippery surface that never takes the blame but projects all of it :). Sounds familiar right?

So comes the question into mind. Should we all have to look perfect, righteous, true like a templar knight on a holy mission all the time? Is it really the perception and not truth wins the day? Or the salvation and maturity comes through taking responsibility and being honest about it when you have to. No one wants to bear consequences and yet, no one also wants to take actions or take responsibility. We all want to have a hero that we never ever need to support and we want scape goats and blame takers whenever it is needed to save us. Desired culture never cultivates in these circumstances, whatever we will find at the end of the day be the bushes and not the grain.

So, we all need to be accountable, carefully choose what to say, scale it before and when finally said, never to dodge or back away from it but support it. Honesty, accountability, setting and example, pioneering are the traits that are waited to build the right culture.

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