Back again…

So it has been more than a year since I picked up the phone to write something. Not because that I had been busy with something but somewhere along the way I lost my desire to write.

But with the appierence of covid in our life and changing the world in a rapid way, I guess I have also looked back with what I had given up without putting a proper fight and regained my interest on the writing ­čśŐ.

My first blog after a while will be about how the covid changed the priorities in our lives. People used to live a little reckless compared to the realities of today. We were all looking at people who wore masks at the airports or public places. We never had obsessions about hygiene and wouldn’t mind washing hands and face if they become dirty. We did not care if we stand too close to a stranger in a public place. Now, everything changed…

The change in how we live our daily life reminded us how important it is to have wellbeing. Lock downs and restrictions reminded us how fragile we are as individuals and as humanity. I used to play a game where the main goal is to create one super germ to end humanity. For a long period after covid, I questioned my decision to having played it and felt uneasy. And I found myself often praying for people I don’t know who are having the fight of their lives.

So the question on all of us is, how we will reflect in the future to wellbeing. Are we continue to contain with international standards that define the minimum or are we going to give attention to what professionals are saying and push real hard to be among the top performers?

The time will tell, the effects of 2020 will pass and we will rush sooner. The heart hopes definetely for a more aware world and industry to do the second and the mind advice caution to wait and see how we will act.

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