How a coven of vampires changed the fate of a multi-national company?

When you have read the title, all of you thought that famous phrase, right? Wtf… is he talking about? Please read a little more and judge me again, I am hoping that this little true story will lighten your day! I am a nerd, always have been and always will be. When I was aContinue reading “How a coven of vampires changed the fate of a multi-national company?”

A Day at the Lahore Traffic…

Have you ever been to South Asia? If you have not, then it can be said that you have never witnessed any “traffic” at all. The challenges of these countries lies within the complex and chaotic infastructure of the street networks within the cities, excessive number of vehicles mostly in the form of small enginedContinue reading “A Day at the Lahore Traffic…”