How a coven of vampires changed the fate of a multi-national company?

When you have read the title, all of you thought that famous phrase, right? Wtf… is he talking about? Please read a little more and judge me again, I am hoping that this little true story will lighten your day! I am a nerd, always have been and always will be. When I was aContinue reading “How a coven of vampires changed the fate of a multi-national company?”

Total Framework of Success!

How do you define yourself as successful? What it means to be a successful man? Would it make you successful if your achievements and accomplishments are to be admired and recognized by everyone? Well, I think the definition is not objective but a little subjective. The recognitions, awards, and praises do emphasize the feeling ofContinue reading “Total Framework of Success!”

Object Detection in Augmented Reality and its uses in Safety

People who are into technology very well knows the advantages of using augmented reality tools in their mobile devices. Tools that are giving you a good estimation of dimensions of an object, helping people to put 3D designed objects into environments, games that is designed to give the player a more in depth combination ofContinue reading “Object Detection in Augmented Reality and its uses in Safety”

Can trivia Apps be the solution to H&S trainings?

Well, I am not sure if anyone is doing some research on this subject but in our days, gamification becomes a lethal issue and it seems as if no one has any time for an old fashioned face to face safety training. The business is making people more and more busy each day. The everContinue reading “Can trivia Apps be the solution to H&S trainings?”

Human Development Index as an adjustment coefficient for Safety Performance Benchmarking

The Human Development Index (HDI) gives you a very generalistic idea of how a country is reted among others in terms of basic human needs such as the expentancy of a long and healthy life at birth, the level of knowlegde and education as an average, and the level of decent living standard. The IndexContinue reading “Human Development Index as an adjustment coefficient for Safety Performance Benchmarking”

A Day at the Lahore Traffic…

Have you ever been to South Asia? If you have not, then it can be said that you have never witnessed any “traffic” at all. The challenges of these countries lies within the complex and chaotic infastructure of the street networks within the cities, excessive number of vehicles mostly in the form of small enginedContinue reading “A Day at the Lahore Traffic…”